Blog of the Week: Seeds in the Wasteland

Welcome to my new series! Every Monday, I will be uploading a post dedicated to my top Blog of the Week. There are so many amazing, well written and unique ones out there, which deserve so much more recognition, so I decided to take that matter into my own hands! Please make sure that you go and check out these blogs and the bloggers’ social media, I can guarantee that you will love them just as much as I do.

This week, my Blog of the Week is Seeds in the Wasteland, a blog ran by the wonderful Lindsay. I have been so excited to feature this particular blog as my first ever blog of the week, because I have loved it for a good while, and it holds a very special place in my heart. Lindsay has an amazing way with words, and she writes like nobody else I have come across before; she is just so gifted. Her blog name comes from how she described her brain to her therapist- a wasteland.

Wasteland (noun)

1. Land that is uncultivated or barren

2. An area that is devastated, as by flood, storm, or war

3. Something, as a period of history, phase of existence, or locality, that is spiritually or intellectually barren

When I described my mind as a wasteland to my psychologist, I hadn’t looked up the dictionary definition. I didn’t realise how accurate it was. The intention was to provide a metaphor (a long, extended metaphor as it turns out) for how I saw my mind, what I thought was in it, and how it made me feel.

(From seedsinthewasteland

seeds in the wasteland

For me, Lindsay’s blog name was something that immediately captured my attention. It is so unique, but also so honest. On her home page, she goes on to explain how her brain, like seeds in a wasteland, needs some love and nourishment in order to grow whilst living with mental illness (I don’t think that I have put it as well as she does though!) which kind of gives you an introduction as to what to expect from her blog posts: gritty, honest and real.

My love for Seeds in the Wasteland doesn’t end with the blog. Lindsay’s twitter and instagram pages are filled with honesty, and offer a real insight into life with mental illness. However, they also offer you many a opportunity to laugh. You will notice that a lot of blogs that I choose in this series follow the pattern of honesty with comedy or self deprecating humour. This is because I believe that an incredibly gifted writer can make you feel a whole host of different emotions. Lindsay fits so well into this category.

Some of my favourite Seeds in the Wasteland blog posts:

Vanquish the Dragon: Notes on a Bad Day

Dear Depression

Periods of War: Mental Health and Menstruation

Under My Skin: Hidden Anxiety

I could list so many more of her posts, but all I will do is tell you that you should definitely go and have a read yourself- I can guarantee that you will fall in love.

Thank you so much Lindsay, for pulling me in with your thought provoking, beautiful writing, and for making me feel a little less alone when I am struggling.






Thank you so much for reading this post, come back next week for another Blog of the Week!





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    1. You are honestly incredible, I’m in awe with everything you post. There’s nobody more deserving of recognition in the blogging world and support, and if I can give you even a little from my blog then I’m happy. I’m so glad you’re happy with it ❤️❤️ xx


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