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Welcome back to my Blog of the Week series! Every  Monday, I will be uploading a post dedicated to my top Blog of the Week. There are so many amazing, well written and unique ones out there, which deserve so much more recognition, so I decided to take that matter into my own hands! Please make sure that you go and check out these blogs and the bloggers’ social media, I can guarantee that you will love them just as much as I do.

(Photo from Ida’s twitter, linked below)

This week, the blog I am talking about is Around the Ward in 80 Days, which is ran by the beautiful, hilarious and kind Ida. Ida’s writing has a way of drawing me in, which is no surprise as she has actually been a journalist in the past. You only have to read one of her posts to see how gifted she is. Not only is her writing amazing, but she has also recently started uploading readings of her blog posts, which is so incredible, as it makes blogs more accessible for everyone. Her presence on social media is wonderful- her tweets make me personally feel less alone, and the funny ones always make me actually laugh out loud.

You may have already guessed that the name of her blog has a meaning. Ida was in a hospital for almost three months a battle with depression, and an attempt at taking her own life. She had moved to England from Finland, to be a journalist. Her sharing her story helps so many people, myself included, as you can get lost in her writing whilst also knowing that there are other people out there with the same struggles as you. Ida is incredibly honest both in her writing and on social media, and that is something that we need more of in my opinion.

Some of my favourite Around the Ward in 80 Days posts:


Sex Cures Depression, Who Knew?


Ember- a poem

I’m Not Dead, Just For the Record

It’s honestly worth a browse through Ida’s blog though, because all of her posts are amazing.

Thank you Ida, for being, to reference one of your post titles, the right kind of advocate- the honest one that we all need in our lives, the kind, funny person who can bring a smile to someone’s face when they’re in the deepest dark pits of despair.

Ida’s links:



Thanks so much for reading, come back next Monday for a new Blog of the Week post!






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