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Hi everyone! I’m so ready for another beauty post after the deep ones I have uploaded recently, and an affordable beauty post is well overdue. These are products that I have been trying out over the last few months, and that have found a place in my heart already. Let me know if you’ve tried any of these out, or if you’ve come across any affordable gems recently that I should try!

L’Oreal Unlimited Mascara

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I just can’t put this mascara down! It makes my lashes look so intense and I love it. Not only does it work on my naturally long lashes, but it also works for friends who have short lashes, so it’s got the best of both worlds and is definitely worth the money.

Wet n Wild Lipsticks

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You really can’t go wrong with such affordable lipsticks, which is why I picked up a hot pink one- a colour I don’t usually wear, but wanted to have in my collection. The formula doesn’t disappoint! It’s really creamy, comfortable and pretty long lasting. It would honestly be worth picking up so many colours, just because of how affordable they are. I love them and am definitely going to buy more in the future.

Collection Liquid Eyeshadow + Liner

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For a while, it was so difficult to find affordable versions of the high end liquid eyeshadows and glitter liners, until brands like Collection and Barry M saved the day. These are so cheap, and they perform incredibly well for the price. We all know that the high end ones can be so expensive, which can make it difficult to pick up multiple colours, so if you want to be able to try out more then these are definitely the way to go.

Revolution Renaissance Liner

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This is an absolutely amazing liquid liner, and the price makes it even better. The tip is so precise and easy to use, which makes it great to create a good winged liner look. I think we all know by now that Revolution create amazing products at great prices, so who’s really surprised about this? I know I’m not! It doesn’t smudge as easily as some more expensive liners I have tried, so it’s one that I will be repurchasing in the future.

Barry M Tri Blend Highlighter in Bronze Deco

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How is this highlighter so affordable?! It is absolutely beautiful! I’ll be fully honest with you, it’s not going to work on your skin if you are super pale, but I love using it when I have a tan. Barry M are such an underrated brand, and I can’t wait to see what they do in the future.

L’Oreal True Match Foundation

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To most people, this is a long loved staple, but I have only recently tried it and it’s a new favourite for me. It’s not too heavy but still gives you a nice amount of coverage, without being either too matte or too dewy. The finish is beautiful, it lasts all day- the only downside is that L’Oreal is not cruelty free, which is incredibly frustrating, as if they were to go CF then it would make making the change a lot more accessible.

Barry M Molten Metals Nail Paint in Purple Frost

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This collection is my favourite formula of nail polish ever, and Barry M make my favourites as a whole. They dry so quickly which is so important to me, and the molten metal paints make your nails look like you’ve put a lot more effort into them than you actually have. Nine times out of ten I have one of these on my nails, and I’m currently wearing my most recent purchase, purple frost! I can’t wait to collect them all.

Soph X I Heart Revolution Body Mist

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If you have these body mists in your local Superdrug store, I fully recommend that you go in and smell them. This one may not be your thing, but I’m guessing that the others are just as nice. For me, this is one of the best fragrances I have ever used, even better than some expensive perfumes! It actually smells like what I imagine any kind of heaven would, and it’s vanilla and creme brûlée scented. I wish it was possible to smell things through a screen so that I could let you all try this out! Also, it’s in a huge bottle and is only £8- unbelievably affordable!

Rimmel Brow This Way Brow Gel

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My brows usually end up looking way lighter than they should, which is why I decided to try out a dark brown brow gel. I don’t think that you need to spend anymore money than this one is, as it does just the job. It makes my brows look fuller, and just like I wanted, darker, whilst also holding them in place all day. They also do a clear brow gel if that is more to your taste!

CYO Lifeproof Foundation

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Full coverage, dewy and long lasting- what more could I want? I have combination/oily skin but I love a dewy finish, so it can be hard to find one that is long lasting. This one definitely does though, and doesn’t go patchy or separate on my skin. It is such a cheap but amazing foundation, but unfortunately the shade range could do with improving. If you can find your shade though, it’s definitely worth trying out.








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