FAVOURITES 2019: Non Makeup Products

Welcome back to my blog! Yes I know, I’m uploading consistently- it’s a miracle! Today I’m motivating myself with music and it seems to have actually worked. Anyway, I decided to separate my 2019 favourites into makeup and non makeup products, and today’s upload is dedicated to all of the things I love that aren’t makeup. It’s a long one but I’ve tried to go into detail about each product so that you can see whether it’s for you or not. I really hope you enjoy it, and I’ll see you again soon for my makeup favourites post!

Anatomicals The Buff Stuff Citrus Body Scrub

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This body scrub has been one of my favourite products throughout over half of 2019. I have keratosis pilaris and always have. While a body scrub won’t get rid of it, I’m super picky about which scrubs I use as they can help my arms and legs feel smoother for some time. I spent ages trying to find one that was affordable and easily accessible, but still effective for what I need, and I just happened to add this to my ASOS order try at one point as it was so affordable at only £4. The smell is quite a strong citrus scent, so if you don’t like that then this probably isn’t for you; they do however have another in a melon scent that I haven’t tried yet! This is the best body scrub I’ve tried and does leave my arms and legs feeling smooth, which is amazing as I’ve been so self conscious about them for so long. I’m going to look into some products designed to treat keratosis pilaris specifically in 2020, but I don’t see this leaving my regular body care routine any time soon.

Anatomicals Oi You Throbhead Headache Balm

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Nothing fully eases my headaches. This is probably partly to do with the fact that when I’ve reached out for help, doctors have just told me to take ibuprofen (which doesn’t help much and also led to me having a stomach ulcer, thanks doctors huns) so I’ve had to find ways to at least ease the pain for myself a little. At the start of 2019, I started suffering with head pains like nothing I’d ever experienced in my life before. It felt like my brain was pushing its way through my skull, affected my entire face on one side right down to my jaw, and actually had me wanting to rip my own teeth out and hit my head against the wall. I’m used to pain and I have quite a high tolerance, but these pains in my head are the worst thing I’ve ever experienced in my life. I still get them from time to time and they seem to come in waves, but all I can do is take measures to ease or soothe the pain, even if that’s only slightly, and lie in bed with my eyes closed and wait for it to end. Enter this headache balm. Of course it doesn’t cure headaches- it’s a bloody balm, not a miracle worker. But it does soothe the pain a little. You’re supposed to rub it onto your temples and pressure points, but I find myself rubbing it into my entire forehead, the whole side of my face that’s affected and behind my ear as the pain usually is there too. I was so surprised to see that this actually did help. I also use it when I get tension headaches and migraines too (I get different types which is how I know those bitches are on another level) and it helps with those too. It’s under £5 and like the scrub, is also on ASOS and is so so so worth at least trying. Don’t expect miracles but it could help you a little if you suffer with headaches and pains like I do!

The Ordinary Niancimide 10% + Zinc 1%

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I freaking love The Ordinary. I love brands that make skincare affordable, simple, easy to understand and accessible and that is what this brand is all about. There are so many products I’ve tried and loved from them, but this Niancimide product is my absolute favourite. It actually helps with acne and you can see the difference almost immediately. Thankfully, I don’t suffer with acne as badly as I did a couple of years ago, but when I flare up it seems to come back. I wish I’d known about this back when it was bad as I could probably have cleared my skin a lot quicker. This is also so affordable- I’m pretty sure it’s under £7. Absolutely recommend to anyone who suffers with any kind of acne to any degree.

The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution

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Before this, I actually tried the similar/almost the exact same product that Revolution Skincare brought out. Most of you will know that Revolution launched their own skincare brand and that a lot of the products they first launched were dupes of The Ordinary products (which makes literally no sense because The Ordinary products are usually cheaper and some, like this one, work better). I thought that that one worked okay for me, but I decided to try this one when I ran out as it was slightly more affordable and I wanted to compare what they did to my skin. Hands down, The Ordinary’s version is better. When I use this, it leaves my skin smooth for days, whereas the Revolution Skincare one would only leave my skin smooth overnight. You have to be careful using chemical exfoliants and make sure that you don’t use certain other ingredients along with them, but they’re not as scary as that term makes them sound. This is such a good one and is great to try as it’s so affordable!

Revolution Skincare CBD Oil

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This is the one Revolution Skincare products that comes in the little serum bottles that I have repurchased and will continue to repurchase over and over again. It’s also one of the few that isn’t a dupe of a product from The Ordinary! I was keen to pick this up and try it out as soon as it launched as I’ve heard about all of the benefits of CBD. I’d love to try some of the CBD oil you can get to take orally to help with pain eventually too, but it’s so expensive that it’s a bit of a risk when there’s a chance that like most other things I’ve tried, it won’t work. But anyway, I’ve been using this for over a year now I think? It could be less, but it was not long after the brand first launched that I bought my first bottle. I absolutely love it! I use it morning and night (when I’ve been well enough to keep up with my skincare routine) and I feel like it makes my skin softer, brighter and less dry. This is another product that I’d absolutely recommend to anyone with any skin type as it’s amazing and is again super affordable.

Revolution Skincare Cica Moisture Cream

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I feel a bit like I’m cheating adding this in but even though I haven’t used it for all that long of a time, it’s already a firm favourite. The Revolution Skincare Cica range was advertised as being great for soothing skin and that’s something that I really felt I needed. Unfortunately I struggle with skin picking, so when I get spots or acne, I end up with open sores on my face for ages. My skin has also been a lot drier this year, so soothing products are always needed in my skincare routine. I use this as my PM moisturiser as it’s quite thick and heavy, and I absolutely adore it. It definitely soothes and hydrates my skin a hell of a lot, and I saw the difference the morning after I’d applied it for the first time. The best part though is that I can feel the difference as my skin feels a lot less irritated. I can see myself repurchasing this when I eventually run out, and if you have skin that’s sensitive or you’re like me with skin picking, I definitely recommend trying it out.

Barry M Nail Paints

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Barry M nail polishes are the absolute best. I know that some people don’t think so and think that the more expensive polishes are better, and maybe they’re right. The only more expensive one I have is a mini of a Ciate polish, and it is beautiful, but for someone like me who doesn’t have the money to splash out on high end brands all of the time (I reserve that for makeup when I actually can) the Barry M nail products are amazing. My favourite range is the Molten Metals paints, and has been for around two years now, but I’ve also tried out the newer Crystal Rock range recently and loved that too. I wouldn’t recommend those in particular to anyone who is sensitive to the feeling of gritty glitter though as that’s how they dry, whereas I’d recommend the Molten Metals range to anyone. I also love their matte top coat as I really like my deep nail colours to be matte and most brands only create them in shine finishes, and I use their base coat, top coat and nail hardener product every time I do my nails. Obviously they’re all under £5 and accessible to so many people being on so many online retailers’ sites and also in Superdrug, and I’m guessing that most of the people reading this will have probably already tried out at least one Barry M nail product, but they’re a favourite of mine so I had to add them.

Make Me Up Missa

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Missa is my favourite YouTuber of 2019, hands down. I started watching her videos in the last half of 2018, and watching her incredibly detailed tutorials upped my makeup game by 100%. If it weren’t for me watching her videos and learning the techniques that she used I’d probably still have unbearably bad eyeshadow looks! Not only that, but she has been a really good friend to me in 2019. It’s so rare that a creator speaks to their subscribers in the way that Missa does and I’m eternally grateful for her content and support helping me through this horrible year. I’ve already recommended her channel to everyone on Twitter and Instagram so I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of you aren’t already subscribed, but if you aren’t then you definitely should. She’s an angel and deserves all of the happiness and success in the world.

Theresa is Dead

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I’m so annoyed with myself for only starting watching Theresa in the later half of this year! As soon as I watched one of her Bitesized Review videos, I was in stitches and I knew I had to go back and binge watch anything she ever uploaded. At the start of most of her videos, she tells a story. Sometimes it’s about her work commute on the New York subway, sometimes it’s about her hilarious colleagues and sometimes it’s “Catching up with Keisha”- if you watch her videos you’ll understand what I mean! She brightens my mood when I’m in the worst pain and I can’t wait to see her have growth and success in 2020.

Taylor Swift

I had to add Taylor in, it just had to be done! 2018 was the year of Ari for me, and although I’m still a massive fan of her and always will be; 2019 was the year I fell back in love with Taylor Swift. I’d never listened to Red properly before this year because somehow I missed it (probably in one of those chunks of my life I’ve blocked out) but it’s one of the best albums I’ve ever listened to. Obviously I love her newest album too, but I’ve been listening back to all of her albums and loving every minute.






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