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Hi everyone! Finally, we have my 2019 makeup favourites! I’ve been so excited to write this, but it was actually a lot more difficult than it has been when I’ve written previous yearly and monthly favourites posts. Because I haven’t uploaded consistently this year and haven’t uploaded a monthly favourites posts since spring, there are so many products I’ve loved throughout the year and wanted to share with you, which is why I have done the palette and non makeup favourites posts before this, but there are still products that I haven’t included in this because I didn’t want this post to be even longer than it already is. I have briefly mentioned some of them throughout this post, but as I’m trying to upload more regularly, I’ll hopefully be able to write about a lot more of them in the not too distant future. Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading this and that you found lots of new things you love in 2019!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Luminous Foundation

From the second Norvina said on Twitter that ABH we’re going to release a luminous foundation I knew I was going to get it. When it very first launched I was kind of shook by the price as I’d never paid anything over £40 for a foundation before and this was £42. However when I was able to afford it I went for it as ABH are one of my favourite brands ever and I’m so glad I did. I just love the finish of it! No, it’s not perfect and I wish it would wear for a bit longer than it does, but with being in the house most of the time I don’t really need it for really long amounts of time anyway. I like the way that products look, apply and wear on top of it, I like the finish and it doesn’t sink into fine lines as badly as a lot of my other foundations do. It’s a medium coverage but is buildable, and the shade range honestly looks pretty good. This is definitely a splurge and I’m never going to tell anyone to spend £42 on a foundation, but if this sounds like something you’ve been looking for then it could be worth a try- especially if you’re close to somewhere where you can buy ABH in a store as you may even be able to get a sample!

Revolution Pro Luminescence Skin Finish

Like many products in my makeup collection, I bought this because Missa (Make Me Up Missa) raved about how amazing it was and as always, she was right. I’d always wanted to try one of the Mac or Hourglass skin finishes but they’re so expensive, and also Mac isn’t cruelty free and I’m no longer buying non cruelty free products. Anyway, this is the lightest shade with a pink tone to it which works well for me as I have a cool undertone. Originally I ordered the shade called Opalescent and it was slightly too dark for my vampire skin tone, so I passed it on to my niece. I apply this with a big fluffy powder brush after I’ve powdered my face and brushed off any powder that I’ve baked with and it gives your face a glow that you tend to lose if you set your face with a standard powder. I didn’t think that I’d fall in love with this so much but now I never do my makeup without it. Like other Revolution products and those from the Revolution brands, this is incredibly affordable and there are more shades than the ones I’ve tried- I definitely recommend it as it’s made my base makeup so much better!

Revolution Holiday Romance Bronzer

Unsurprisingly we have another Revolution product, and I’m pretty sure that I bought this because Missa spoke about liking it too. This is the best bronzer I’ve ever tried for my super pale skin tone. It’s not matte like Benefit Hoola Life, it’s baked so it adds sheen to your face, which is exactly the type of bronzer I prefer. It’s the most perfect colour and tone for me and I barely ever reach for a different bronzer now I have this one.

Sleek Pumpkin Blush Trio

I really wanted to try some deeper blushes and I decided that picking up an affordable trio and seeing how I got on was probably the most sensible option, which is how I ended up buying this one. You get a true red, an orange and a hot pink blush- not tones that most sensible pale people would use, but I just love blush so so much and if you make sure to use a light hand and just build it up, you can be pale and still use deep and bright blushes. I’ve found myself reaching for this trio so often, surprisingly usually for the red which I’m even surprised about! I assumed I’d get the most use out of the orange, but I just love red blush so much. If you’re pale and want to experiment with different blush colours but are worried about whether you’ll be able to make it work, it’s well worth picking up something like this trio because it’s so affordable, but also amazing quality. I definitely want to try out some more blushes from Sleek this year, maybe even some in sensible, more nude tone!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Snowflake Loose Highlighter

I was debating whether to put this highlighter in my favourites or the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Ice Cold Skin Frost, and originally I was going to include both. But as you can probably tell, I’ve already got so many products to talk about and I didn’t want to make this post longer than it needed to be. I held off from buying this at first, but it was released around the time that ABH became really interesting to me: Riviera, the Dewy Set and the Dip Brow Gel. It’s a high end price, but not as high as some other high end highlighters, and it’s also important to note that you only need to use a tiny amount of product to create a blinding glow. The down side to it is that because it’s a loose highlighter, it can be messy and it does definitely have glitter in it, so you can end up with some on your face in the places you didn’t highlight. That doesn’t really bother me, and if it does I can just dust it away, but I know that will bother some people. It’s a beautiful pale shade, which I’m so glad about because if it works for me, chances are it’ll work for you if you’re pale too because I’m about as white as you can get!

Anastasia Beverly Hills x Jackie Palette

If this hadn’t been released, the palette I’d be talking about right now would have been the ABH palette that Alyssa Edwards released with them. That’s still a close second honestly, and again, I debated adding it to this post too, but it would’ve been too long so there is a brief mention. Anyway, I’m not a subscriber or fan of Jackie so at first, I wasn’t going to purchase this palette. It was when I started watching reviews and actually looking at the colour story and shadows more carefully that I started becoming really inspired by it. That’s usually the biggest sign that I really want a palette! I could be wrong, but I think that this is a step up from the usual ABH quality, which is already amazing. I know people didn’t think it was unique when it first launched but to me, it truly is. I spoke about it in my eyeshadow palette favourites post too, but the shade ‘trust issues’ is the best part of the palette to me. It looks like a white shimmer in the pan, but if you apply it over another shimmer it transforms it. Also, if you use it on your brow bone and inner corner to highlight, it’s is the most stunning blinding white gold colour. The mattes are also beautiful and versatile with their being neutrals and purples, as are the other shimmers. ‘Sponsored’ is also an incredibly unique, green duo chrome (I think so anyway) shade. It was specially designed to work for deep skin tones, which I think is so amazing, but it will honestly work for absolutely anyone. I’m so so unbelievably glad that I decided to get this palette and it definitely deserves it’s place as my favourite palette of 2019.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Liner

This is definitely my favourite liquid liner of the year. It has a brush tip which I hadn’t tried before, but I definitely think that the applicator is better than a standard brush tip. I wasn’t sure whether to try this on out or the Benefit Roller Liner That was released around the same time, but I’m so glad I got this one, partly because of me obviously not supporting Benefit with my money anymore (after I purchased the Cookie highlighter as I’m weak willed) but also because it’s so great. I reach for this over every other liner I own, and find it great to draw either a wing or just a thin line right next to my lash line to make my false lashes look better when I apply them, which is my usual go to method nowadays. Even though it’s high end, I can definitely see myself repurchasing it as eyeliner is such an important makeup step to me and it’s something that I don’t mind splurging on.

Winky Lux So Extra Mascara

I had to add this mascara in here because I’ve used it almost all year! This was actually in a lovely package that a YouTuber called It’s Sabrina sent me when I tagged her in a post about my power chair fundraiser (I’m linking her YouTube channel here so that you can go and check her out). It was such a huge, overwhelmingly generous package that she sent me just to cheer me up and I loved so many of the products, but this was my favourite thing. I don’t even know what it is about it, I think it just does a bit of everything I want from a mascara- it’s very black, it lifts and lengthens my lashes whilst also adding volume, but isn’t clumpy at all. It also doesn’t tend to transfer which is great! It’s such a reliable mascara, and Winky Lux have also been incredibly kind to me on all of my Instagram posts where I was wearing this mascara, which means so much to me because my account is so small.

Tiggy Lashes in ‘Catherine’

I wouldn’t have tried this style of lashes from the brand if it weren’t for my amazing, beautiful and talented best friend Becci (click here and go and support and follow her right now) telling me how amazing they were, so thank you Becci for introducing me to my new favourite pair of lashes! These are constantly on sale on Beauty Bay for £6.50 which is beyond worth it, and I think the original price is around £10 which is also worth it as if you look after them properly, you can get plenty of uses out of them. I love Jack’s YouTube channel so I love supporting his lash brand too. All the lashes are non mink, cruelty free and vegan which is exactly what we like, and there are five different styles. I’ve tried Aries but unfortunately, I cut them from the wrong end so I need to repurchase some and be more careful when trimming them, but Catherine are my favourite. I’ve not long since repurchased some for the third time because they’re my absolute favourite lashes ever and I never want to stop wearing them. They’re dramatic without being too over the top, and you can still see your eyeshadow look through them, which is obviously what you want when you’ve spent ages creating a beautiful look!

Jeffree Star Cosmetics The Gloss in ‘Sequin Glass’

And finally we have my favourite lip product of the year! Well, one of them anyway. I’ve got favourite liquid lipsticks, bullet lipsticks and lip liners as well as other glosses, but I tried to think of the single lip product that I reach for a lot and excites me and it’s definitely the Sequin Glass gloss. I didn’t buy any of the glosses at the first launch because the way that the price was hiked up on Beauty Bay was, in my opinion, absolute bullshit, but they eventually reduced the standard price to the same as the liquid lipsticks, and I’m pretty sure that I picked this one up on sale too. It’s such a unique gloss, as it has blue, purple, pink and brown reflects, but it still works with a nude lipstick and doesn’t look too wild. My favourite thing about it though is the formula- it’s so comfortable, not too sticky and wears really well. A lip gloss is never going to very long wearing, but the way that this wears down is really nice and doesn’t leave your lips looking gross. There are a lot of other shades and I’m definitely tempted to pick some more up in the future!






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