2020 Goals

Hi everyone! I hope that you had a great new year, whether you celebrated or not. Honestly I slept through midnight! Even if I had the opportunity to go out, I didn’t really want to celebrate given everything going on in the world at the moment. I woke up at 1am, had a drink and went back to sleep by 3am.

Anyway, I wanted to share my 2020 goals with you today. If you haven’t been here before for one of these posts, I don’t set myself resolutions- I set goals which I am more likely to work towards and stick to. I’ve decided to really focus on taking care of myself in my goals this year and less on numbers and putting too much pressure on myself. I know that I’m probably going to continue deteriorating and I’m not going to carry on beating myself up for not being able to be as productive as a healthy person can. Please be kind to yourself in your resolutions and goals for this year. You are perfect as you are, you don’t need to go on diets and burn yourself out working too hard. I really hope you enjoy this post and that it maybe even inspires you to come up with some similar goals!

Start taking care of myself properly- maintain my skincare routine, feed myself, take medication properly, leave the house & wash myself the best and as often as I can

Upload to my blog at least once a week

Upload to Instagram at least once a day

Use the makeup products I have- shop my stash, don’t buy things I don’t need/won’t fill a gap in my collection, unless I REALLY want something

Try to get dressed as often as I can and to not leave the house in pyjamas unless I’m really badly flaring up

Try to create at least one makeup look a week- but DON’T beat myself up for it if I’m flaring too badly

Read at least one book a month

Spend an hour every few days doing something simply for my own happiness

Work on my body confidence and try to stop talking to myself negatively

Launch the podcast

Relaunch my YouTube channel

Keep my bedroom as organised as possible so it doesn’t become cluttered in bad pain periods

Leave the house other than just to take Yogi outside to do what he needs to do now I have my power chair







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I am a 22 year old girl, trying to find her way in this world whilst fighting Fibromyalgia, ME, nerve pain and other undiagnosed problems. This blog is my journey to my career in writing and makeup.

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