My Anastasia Beverly Hills Palettes Ranked

Anastasia Beverly Hills Palettes Ranked

Hi everyone! It’s no secret that I absolutely love Anastasia Beverly Hills, especially their eyeshadow palettes, so a post talking about my thoughts on each one is well overdue. I can’t afford to collect all palettes from any brand unfortunately, but if I could collect all of them from one, it’d be ABH. Obviously I can only rank the ones that I’ve owned and tried, so this post doesn’t include Modern Renaissance, Subculture, Prism, Norvina, Norvina Volume 3, the mini Norvina Volume palettes and the newest Carli Bybel and Amrezy collabs, as well as the palettes that ABH doesn’t sell anymore. I’ve thoroughly tested the seven that I own though and gathered my thoughts on each. Obviously, a lot of this is down to personal taste and what colour stories I like, but hopefully you’ll be able to get some idea of which (if any) are right for you by reading my thoughts. I hope you enjoy this post!


Soft Glam will always hold a special place in my heart for multiple reasons. It was the first high end palette that I bought for myself, around two years ago now. I was going through a rough time and it was such a splurge but I remember how good it made me feel. It was honestly just nice to have something special to wear for job interviews at the time. Back then, ABH didn’t have any colourful palettes really, although they did have some interesting colour stories like Subculture. However, and if you know me at all you’ll know this, basic neutrals are not shades I gravitate towards regularly. If I’m going neutral, I’m going to try and make it a bit different by going really dark or using cool tones most of the time. I will never declutter Soft Glam and I definitely want to give it some more love this year.


I honestly found it really hard to place the next few palettes, it’s SO close but I eventually had to decide so Riviera is here. I truly love this palette and am so glad that I have it. I remember when it was announced and how much I wanted it, then watching reviews when it came out and wanting it even more. Eventually I was getting so inspired by the colour story that I was thinking about it before I went to sleep at night, which is a clear sign that I really want a palette, so I went for it. I think that if ABH hadn’t released another bright palette so soon afterwards (and then a shit ton more after that) then I’d definitely reach for this more, but I do still create some beautiful looks with it. To me, the shimmer shadows are the stars of this palette. There are some stunning and unique ones and they make it seem like the possibilities are endless with Riviera. I’d definitely recommend this one to someone who wants some colour in their collection but doesn’t want to go all out on a fully bright or rainbow palette, as this has some neutral shades too.


I’m actually surprised that I’m placing this one here but there are reasons! I haven’t had the opportunity to create all that many looks with this, because although I got it at the end of last summer, I’ve been pretty unwell since then (as always) so haven’t been able to create as many looks. The main reason though is because when I look at the shadows in this palette, I see purples. I love purples. But I don’t want to do purple looks all of the time, and I have to feel inspired to do a purple look in order to create one, which is why I haven’t reached for this palette as much as some of my others. However, the shadows perform beautifully. I was so excited when ABH released this, back before we knew they were going to drop two more of these massive palettes on us within the next month. It was such a new concept and style for the brand and reminded me a little of the way that Natasha Denona palettes look. This is such a gorgeous palette and I’m definitely going to be creating some looks with it, but I think it’ll be easier if I look at the other tones in the palette instead of just the purples.


Sultry is a truly interesting, beautiful neutral eyeshadow palette. Again, it’s not one that I got straight away when it was released, but almost a year later when I realised I had a cool toned neutral shaped gap in my eyeshadow collection. It can be pretty hard to find neutral shadows that come across really cool toned on my skin as I’m incredibly pale and incredibly cool toned, but this palette does it so well. As I said before, neutrals aren’t really my go to, but when I want to create a neutral look I find myself so inspired by Sultry. The quality is amazing as are all ABH palettes (or at least the ones I’ve tried) and I can’t wait to get more use out of this palette throughout 2020.


Even though I knew I’d like this palette, I don’t think that I expected to like the colour story as much as I do. I honestly wasn’t the biggest fan of it at first and really wanted the Volume 3 palette, but as it was only on the ABH website it wasn’t as easy to get hold of (and I still don’t have it). I shouldn’t be surprised that I love it considering that it’s full of blues and greens which are my favourite colours to play with. Like with Volume 1, the quality is amazing, but I’ve reached for this a bit more than I have the other, even though I’ve had this for less time. I think that the best way to decide which (or if any) of these volume palettes is for you is to really look at the colour stories and work out which is something that you’d reach for a lot. At the end of the day, they’re nearly £70 each so if you’re considering adding one to your collection then it’s best to know that I will really be worth it first. For me, these are my babies and I treasure them!


I think that the top two will be obvious to anyone who knows me at all! This palette released with Alyssa Edwards came out not long after the Riviera, which is why I didn’t get as much use out of that one as I would have otherwise. As soon as I looked at this one, I knew that I wanted it and got it almost as soon as it was released. The star of the show in this palette is the deep matte blue. Throughout summer, if I didn’t have so many other palettes I would have found a way to use that shadow almost every day! I think that the main reason that I tend to go for this one over Riviera is because the selection of colourful mattes is better, whereas Riviera has more colourful shimmers, so I find I can create a more diverse selection of looks with the Alyssa palette. However, even though it’s an expensive combo, if you own both of these palettes they also work amazingly together!


The Jackie palette just had to have the first place spot, it’s so well deserved! The best part is that it was such a surprise to me but is currently my favourite palette in my entire collection. I don’t follow Jackie and when I first saw pictures online, the colour story didn’t seem to look like something I’d be that interested in, so I just skipped over it. I didn’t watch any of the reviews for a good month or two because I wasn’t interested. But when I started watching reviews and really looking at the shadows, I fell more and more in love with it. Firstly, I love the packaging. It’s so beautiful to me and I love the colour. In my opinion, the actual shadows are a step up from the standard ABH formula, and I’ve heard other people say this too so I know I’m not alone! The palette was designed to work for people with dark skin tones which is amazing, but I’m incredibly incredibly pale and this works for me too. I’ve gone on about it so much already, but the shadow ‘Trust Issues’ is just everything to me. It looks like a standard white shimmer in the pan, but used alone, it’s an unbelievably stunning white gold, and used on top of other shimmer shadows it transforms them. I really hope that we see more ABH palettes like this in the future as I love this one so much, and it’s one of the very few palettes in my collection that I can see myself panning any shades from.







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