My Favourite Foundations- Summer 2019

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I uploaded an updated post on my favourite foundation, and there’s no time like the present. My specific taste in foundation has changed a lot over the past year, so there will probably be only one or two that are still the same as the last time. I … Continue reading My Favourite Foundations- Summer 2019

May Favourites

Hi everyone, welcome back to another monthly favourites post! It feels like half of the posts I’ve uploaded this year have been monthly favourites, but it’s because I’ve been struggling so so much. Not only have I been in horrific pain, but I’ve had new and worsening symptoms and stuff going on in my personal … Continue reading May Favourites

April Favourites

Hi everyone, and welcome back to yet another monthly favourites post! Is it just me, or does it feel like the months are passing by really quickly?! Maybe it’s just because I’ve been a rubbish blogger and haven’t been uploading too much. I’m making a really huge effort to get back into writing now, so … Continue reading April Favourites

Buy or Bye? Spring 2019

(Really, I mean ‘going on my wishlist, because who REALLY can afford to keep up with all of these releases?!) Hi everyone! At the start of the year, I mentioned in a blog post that I wouldn’t be continuing the weekly beauty series on new releases that I had been uploading for a while anymore. … Continue reading Buy or Bye? Spring 2019

March Favourites

Hi everyone! I’m sorry that we’re late with this. I’ve been having some issues with blogging as well as the usual with my health and stuff, but I’m back to usual business now! This month, most of my favourites are makeup products. I haven’t really been changing up much in the way of skin care, … Continue reading March Favourites

My Spring Wishlist

Hi everyone! Things have been pretty dark over the last week, both for me personally and in the world, so I’ve decided to upload a light hearted makeup post today. In my recent life update post, I spoke about the different kinds of beauty posts I’d be uploading from now on, and this was one … Continue reading My Spring Wishlist