Why I’ve Been Keeping Things Secret.

TW: SUICIDAL THOUGHTS, EATING DISORDERS, SELF HARM, SEXUAL ABUSE & OTHER SENSITIVE TOPICS I’ve kept the title vague because I want people to read this. I’m done keeping quiet.


The UK government admitted that they hadn’t considered or planned for how disabled people would be affected by a no deal Brexit. This sums up how disabled people are treated in this country.

A Little Girl

TW: CHILD SEX ABUSE, RAPE, GANG RAPE, ABUSE, SEXUAL ASSAULT Even though I have included trigger warnings, I want to emphasise that you should not read this post if you are sensitive to any of these topics. I do not want to harm anyone with this post, I just want to write about my struggles.

Stone Heart

It feels like somewhere down the line, my physical pain got so bad that I became mostly numb to emotional pain. Sometimes I can kind of feel it. You know when you have your first couple of alcoholic drinks and you can FEEL that you’ve had a drink, but you’re not drunk or even tipsy?Continue reading “Stone Heart”

A Year on From Quitting Work

At the start of June 2018, I had to go off sick from my last job. I’d only been there for not even two months at the time. However much management and colleagues try to pretend that they’re ok with it (some pretend, some don’t bother trying from my experience), they never are. As aContinue reading “A Year on From Quitting Work”

Things got worse.

I’ve been a shit blogger this year. You can say that I haven’t all you like, but that doesn’t change the fact that I’ve only uploaded updates of how shit things are and my monthly favourites posts. The thing is, I’ve not been a shit blogger because I’m lazy. Things have changed a hell ofContinue reading “Things got worse.”

I am Overwhelmingly Unhappy

I’m writing this at 11pm at night, as my thoughts have become too much for me and I can’t sleep. For a bit of background: my day has been the same as usual. A lot of pain and fatigue, mostly spent in bed and the same old shit routine that I’ve had everyday for months.Continue reading “I am Overwhelmingly Unhappy”

Moving Forward

Hi everyone. Thank you to anyone who is taking time out of their day to read this post, it’s been one that I’ve been finding incredibly hard to write and not just because I’ve been in pain. I’m going to take this opportunity to write about some things that I have been struggling with. Some,Continue reading “Moving Forward”