Why I’ve Been Keeping Things Secret.

TW: SUICIDAL THOUGHTS, EATING DISORDERS, SELF HARM, SEXUAL ABUSE & OTHER SENSITIVE TOPICS I’ve kept the title vague because I want people to read this. I’m done keeping quiet.

2020 Goals

Hi everyone! I hope that you had a great new year, whether you celebrated or not. Honestly I slept through midnight! Even if I had the opportunity to go out, I didn’t really want to celebrate given everything going on in the world at the moment. I woke up at 1am, had a drink andContinue reading “2020 Goals”

FAVOURITES 2019: Makeup

Hi everyone! Finally, we have my 2019 makeup favourites! I’ve been so excited to write this, but it was actually a lot more difficult than it has been when I’ve written previous yearly and monthly favourites posts. Because I haven’t uploaded consistently this year and haven’t uploaded a monthly favourites posts since spring, there areContinue reading “FAVOURITES 2019: Makeup”

FAVOURITES 2019: Non Makeup Products

Welcome back to my blog! Yes I know, I’m uploading consistently- it’s a miracle! Today I’m motivating myself with music and it seems to have actually worked. Anyway, I decided to separate my 2019 favourites into makeup and non makeup products, and today’s upload is dedicated to all of the things I love that aren’tContinue reading “FAVOURITES 2019: Non Makeup Products”

2019 Yearly Fails

Hi everyone! Of course, among the positive posts about things I’ve loved this year that I’m posting as we approach the end of the decade, I had to let you know about the products I tried that let me down in 2019. Luckily, I don’t tend to buy products unless I’m almost positive they won’tContinue reading “2019 Yearly Fails”

FAVOURITES 2019: Eyeshadow Palettes

Hi everyone- incredibly long time, no see! I’ve decided to get my arse in gear for the final week of the year and upload some posts on my favourite things throughout 2019. There are far too many things and I am way to indecisive to include them all in one post, which is why it’sContinue reading “FAVOURITES 2019: Eyeshadow Palettes”


The UK government admitted that they hadn’t considered or planned for how disabled people would be affected by a no deal Brexit. This sums up how disabled people are treated in this country.